Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows

Even among the beautifully-crafted windows you’ll find at Renewal by Andersen of Maryland, you’ll find that not all replacement windows are created equal. That’s because we offer a range of window types that are uniquely suited to accomplish particular goals and satisfy specific needs in your Baltimore home.

Some Andersen windows are designed to provide clear, unobstructed views. Others are designed to provide specific types of ventilation, to expand space, or accommodate walkways. No matter which of our replacement windows suits your particular wants and needs, you’ll be able to customize it to reflect your own sense of style and your proud architecture.

Here is a quick snapshot of the kinds of windows you’ll find at Renewal by Andersen here in Baltimore:


  • Hinged at the top; opens upward, outward
  • Provides a clear, open view
  • Provides effective side-to-side ventilation


  • Combinations of windows that project outward from a home
  • Extends outward in a polygonal or rectangular shape
  • Forms a bay in the interior of the home
  • Expands interior space as well as the view


  • Similar to bay windows
  • Extends outward in a curved shape


  • Hinged at the side to open left or right
  • Provides a clear, open view
  • Provides effective top-to-bottom ventilation

Double Hung

  • Features two sashes in a single window frame
  • Slides up or down to provide ventilation


  • Features two sashes in a single frame
  • One or both sashes can glide side-to-side


  • Stationary, rectangular, non-opening design
  • Often used to frame a particular view


  • Comes in curved, circular, and polygonal shapes
  • Provides a finishing touch to a home’s exterior

Every type of Andersen window you see listed above is available in a range of styles, colors, and finishes – and each can be custom-built just for you. For some, the number of options can be almost overwhelming, but our friendly consultants know just how to guide you through the process of finding the perfect windows for you. By the time you’re done, you’ll realize that it’s been a pleasure.

No matter which windows you choose, you’ll find that each one adheres to the same uncompromising standards of beauty, durability, and energy-efficiency for which we’re renowned. You’ll also find that Renewal by Andersen of Maryland will never compromise those ideals with a window installation that’s doesn’t meet Andersen’s lofty standards.

Meeting these standards requires an uncommon degree of both commitment and skill. That’s why Renewal by Andersen is Baltimore’s exclusive installer – and dealer – of Andersen windows. Only our own technicians are up to the challenge of meeting Andersen’s precise standards.

Are you already starting to imagine how wonderful your home could be with the addition of beautiful, durable Andersen windows? Why not take the next step? Call Renewal by Andersen of Maryland today at (240) 528-7057 or complete the convenient online form. You’ll never regret making such a smart investment in your Baltimore home.

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